Biodiversity Exploratories Information System


When I try to login, why does the page just refresh and clear my username and password?

Your browser is blocking cookies. You need to allow cookies for this website.

Is is possible to register as guest user? What I have to do?

HowTo - Guest Account BExIS

Where can I get a new password?

You find a link to request for a new password on the start page.

I forgot my username. What can I do?

Please write a mail to the BExIS administrators using the link at the bottom of the page.

How to cite data from BExIS?

For public data you find a citation string within metadata.

For internal data we suggest the following form: Ownerlist seperated by semicolons (Creation date): Title. Version with a leading "v". Publisher which is BExIS. Type of Resource which is Dataset. Identifier which is the ID of the dataset.

Example: Fischer, Markus; R. Bolliger; D. Schäfer; N. Hölzel; M. Freitag; D. Prati; V. Klaus (2018): Vegetation Records for Grassland SADE, 2015 - 2018. v1.1.3. Biodiversity Exploratories Information System. Dataset. DatasetId=24006.

How to make a data availability statement?

We suggest the following statement:

This work is based on data elaborated by several projects of the Biodiversity Exploratories program (DFG Priority Program 1374). Part of the data used are available on the Biodiversity Exploratories Information System ( at (IDs: xxx). However, to give data owners and collectors time to perform their analysis the data and publication policy of the Biodiversity Exploratories includes by default an embargo period of three years from the end of data collection/data assembly which is valid for the remaining data (IDs: yyy). These datasets will be made publicly available at the same data repository.

xxx : List of IDs from public available datasets

yyy : List of IDs from internal datasets